Full traceability and audit trails are critical to ensuring products meet customer demands. The responses to every QA or CCP check are date, time and operator stamped so that both ingredients and products can be tracked back through the process very quickly to generate quick responses to internal or external audits.

OAL farm to fork


QA and CCP checks are generated by the technical team from a secure database. As checks are created or amended, they are instantly available for operator responses on mobile and touch panel devices without the inherent difficulties associated with paper control documents.

When a factory audit takes place, this automated system allows auditors to retrieve all the information they need easily and efficiently with the knowledge that it is accurate.  

Video: Discover the 5 key audit checks for food packaging lines code of practice compliance. 

Handheld Mobile QA Tablet

Rugged mobile tablets are used to generate checklists and activities and record responses to QA and CCP checks. They are IP rated and robust devices made to operate in harsh conditions which help remove shop-floor paperwork and improve validation and control.

Installing OAL Connected has allowed Kinnerton Confectionery to successfully pursue a paperless QA and packing system. Click to read more about how automation secured Kinnerton's Packaging, Label and Date Codes.