Stop emergency product withdrawals

Labelling and packaging errors are one of the main causes of product withdrawals and recalls in the food industry. These can have a catastrophic impact on a food manufacturer's brand and business and cost the industry £millions a year. But even worse, labelling and packaging errors can cause cross contamination, premature spoiling, consumer illness and fatalities especially if the error lies within the allergen information. This is the worst case scenario for any food business.

Operators at fault for packaging and labelling errors

Unfortunately human error is one of the top reasons for labelling and packaging errors in the food industry. The fast-paced environment of food manufacturing makes it difficult to spot. You try picking out an error as 100 ready meals fly past your eyes!

Mistakes are more likely to occur because:

  • Retailers pushing for a unified look to ranges has made it very challenging to check products are labelled correctly.

  • When setting up printers, you can easily change the date and not the month or, put the 32nd date.

Automation stops errors and product recalls


Automation is a tried and trusted solution for eliminating human error on the packaging line, preventing product recalls and withdrawals.

Our Autocoding system limits operator decision-making on the shop floor, creating an automatic, systematic and sustainable process controlled by minimal but essential senior management. 

The system links, controls and sets up your packaging line devices including printers, scanners, checkweighers and sealing machines to ensure the product is packed and labelled correctly.