Retailer Code of Practice compliance

Ensuring compliance with retailers' codes of practice is key in winning new business and developing positive supply chain relationships. Failure to comply with, and any breaches of, these codes can result in substantial fines and loss of reputation.

Coding, labelling and packaging verification is an area often covered by Codes of Practice to ensure food manufacturers have the tools in place to prevent product recalls. 

Automation for Code of Practice compliance

Human error is one of the main reasons for product recalls related to label and date code errors. As a result, it’s no surprise that retailers have requested that suppliers automate their production lines to minimise the risks of human error occurring. 

The majority of automated systems therefore control various packaging line devices including printers and date coders to ensure the correct label and date code is applied to each product.

Audit checks to ensure automation compliance

Once you have an automated system in place, you need to ensure it's operating effectively and is compliant with your relevant Code of Practice.

Introducing OAL's trainer, Faye Louch. With over 10 years' experience working in food manufacturing, Faye is best placed to help you stay compliant. In this video she explains her five key areas to look at when auditing food manufacturers' label and date code verification systems. Learn more about the five key audit checks by reading the full article:

  1. System security

  2. Fail-safe checks

  3. Printers

  4. Operator interaction

  5. Continuous improvement