Quality control

Our inbuilt quality assurance module allows you to schedule unlimited quality assurance checks and provide a full audit trail.

This helps to remove much of the shop floor paperwork and the associated difficulties of validating paper-based control documents.

If checks are not completed at prescribed intervals, the line can be set to stop until supervisory intervention is provided.

OAL Qaulity Control

Go paperless

With our system, food manufacturers can start their journey towards a paperless factory. Our customers find this particularly useful when a factory audit takes place. The automated software allows auditors to retrieve all the accurate information they need easily. That means, no more scrambling around trying to find that elusive piece of paper!

It's not only about compliance. Our systems can automate the collection, interpretation, reporting and storage of real-time factory data to aid management decision-making. By removing paper, the risk of discrepancies and data being lost or spoilt is reduced.

Unlimited checks

You can schedule unlimited quality assurance and critical control point checks to provide peace of mind for your production team.

Greencore are using the OAL system to go paperless and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their quality checks. You can find out more in Greencore's case study.