OAL Connected Offline

We know that you need your packaging line to keep running, whatever the circumstances. Unfortunately, when it comes to label and date code verification solutions, if the network is lost for any reason, be it an IT update or a power cut, many systems will simply come to a stop - along with your line. However, that needn’t be the case as all of our OAL Connected solutions, standard and mobile, now have an in-built ‘offline mode’ to ensure you that you can keep going and going and going - no matter what happens.

Eradicate unplanned downtime

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No one wants to deal with a stoppage on the packaging line, but a power outage or IT updates can cause just that. More often than not, if the network goes down, your line will come to a stop as the systems can’t function without access to your server. This means that product throughput grinds to a halt and deliveries to your customers will likely be late. However, the flip side is that your line may keep running without any label or date code checks, which could lead to a product recall should an error slip through the net during the period that the systems are down.

To comply with retailers’ codes of practice (COP), automated label & date code verification solutions must at least run on a ‘reversionary’ operation, whereby the system would still work independently of the network. However, this then creates problems when the network is back up and running as the data logged while the network was down is not usually backed up to the main server. This meant that in most facilities, the only option would be to resort to pen and paper checks - an unsatisfactory solution all round!

OAL Connected Offline

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Thanks to our commitment to thick client hardware solutions and the latest updates to our systems, all OAL Connected label and date code verification systems can run in what’s called ‘replication’ mode. This essentially means that all can run in an offline mode if there are any network or power issues in your facility. The term comes from SQL programming and means that all data gathered while the technology on the line is disconnected from the server will be ‘replicated’ on to the server as soon as the connection is re-established, and vice versa.

All this means that your packaging line will continue to run as normal should external factors cause problems in your facility - keeping you and your customers happy.

What does this mean to your line operators? Absolutely nothing. Should the network go down, they won’t notice a thing; the line just keeps going as normal.

What does this mean to you and your customers? Absolutely everything. A reliable and failsafe solution on your line to ensure your products will leave your facility and be delivered to your customers on time having been through the most thorough checks. That’s priceless.

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