Real-time packaging line performance

We're all facing tightening margins and there's increasing pressure to get more from existing packaging lines. Starting a continuous improvement journey can be both costly and time-consuming if you try to achieve everything at once. But with small, incremental adjustments, you can see a big difference in no time at all.

Start your continuous improvement journey with OAL Line Performance

Using your existing OAL Autocoding terminals, OAL Line Performance is a simple upgrade that allows you to see real time production data so you can measure and improve your factory's productivity and output.

Pack more per minute with real-time data

Act on real-time shop-floor data

OAL Line Performance makes it easy to start on your continuous improvement journey and tackle the low hanging fruit. Pictured to the right, the Autocoding terminal and Andon screens can display performance data so each operator will know:

  • Target run rate

  • Actual run rate

  • Number of packs completed

  • Estimated end time

OAL Line Running Screen.png

How do I upgrade to Line Performance?

For new customers, Line Performance can be included in your initial install. If you're an existing OAL Autocoding customer with a terminal installed on your packaging line, upgrading is easy. You'll get a site visit from an OAL engineer to:

  1. Install additional trigger sensors onto the packaging line

  2. Upgrade your existing software

  3. Train your team on using the system and best practice target setting

You'll be making improvements by the end of the day!

Kick start Continuous Improvement

Food manufacturers starting their continuous improvement journey are often bombarded by OEE software vendors offering them ‘all the bells and whistles.’ These programmes often fail because they don't get the foundations right, overburdening businesses with time-consuming and confusing reporting tools and metrics.

With Line Performance you can upgrade your existing line terminals and get the lean basics right from day one. 

It also integrates with all your existing business systems and devices too

Download our Continuous Improvement Guide


Discover the five best practice steps food manufacturers take when starting a continuous improvement journey, and how you can easily implement them into your organisation.