Integrate your packaging line devices

OAL Autocoding Label & Date Code Verfification

Integration with your existing packaging line devices is key to successful automation. We understand that a busy food or beverage facility can’t afford for things to go wrong; any downtime or stoppages can hit your bottom line hard. You need reliable, simple to use systems that can connect to all of your existing equipment - all at an affordable price.

Since the first development of the OAL Autocoding system in 2001, we've built strong relationships with suppliers so we can fully integrate all of your devices into our system.


Control printers

Automatically control the set-up of your date code printers with OAL Autocoding. Our label and date code verification solutions operate entirely independently of the printer as each element is controlled from the central database so you can be sure that your labels are being checked correctly, reducing the risk of a product recall.

With our many years of experience, it's highly likely we'll have the driver software to link your printer so you can control it effectively. And if we don't, we’ll write one for you!



OAL Checkweigher Links

Link to checkweighers

OAL Connected includes direct links to in-line checkweighers to help reduce giveaway and increase factory yields and performance. The application includes the display of live giveaway values of individual stations to a touch panel or mobile device on each line to quickly alert the operations team to any weight deviations allowing quick adjustments to be made. This feature is particularly useful for products that are sold at a fixed weight. OAL has experience in integrating all types of checkweighers used within food manufacturing.

With our extensive library of driver software, we have the ability to integrate with all types of equipment, irrespective of your preferred brand.

Link to SCADA

OAL Connected can be seamlessly integrated with existing SCADA systems to include mimic screens, product tracking and provide the operations team with critical information such as temperature set points and real-time actuals.

Link to ERP

Live direct links to existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems can be included to validate ingredients and raw materials against the ERP database. This validation can be used, for example, to enable or disable the tip sequence to prevent incorrect materials being introduced to the process. Finished good values recorded in real-time are also passed back to the ERP database.

We also have a broad knowledge of factory automation solutions including ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) and WMS (Warehouse Management Systems) enabling us to seamlessly interface to other systems already in situ in the factory.

Ready to automate your packaging line and integrate all of your devices to control them from one central point? Get in touch today!