Integrate your Packaging Line

OAL Connected can pro-actively verify and control each step of the process from the first feed of raw materials, right through to finished goods.

OAL Autocoding Label & Date Code Verfification

OAL Checkweigher Links

Link & Control Check-Weigher & Printer

OAL Connected includes direct links to in-line check-weighers to help reduce giveaway. The application includes the display of live giveaway values to a touch panel or mobile device on each line to quickly alert the operations team to any weight deviations allowing quick adjustments to be made.

Link to SCADA

OAL Connected can be seamlessly integrated with existing SCADA systems to include mimic screens, product tracking and provide the operations team with critical information such as temperature set points and real-time actuals.

Link to ERP

Live direct links to existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems can be included to validate ingredients and raw materials against the ERP database. This validation can be used, for example, to enable, or disable the tip sequence to prevent incorrect materials being introduced to the process. Finished good values recorded in real-time are also passed back to the ERP database.