APRIL Eye launches across the globe

We’re delighted to announce the formal launch of the world’s first artificial intelligence-based vision system, APRIL Eye, for date code verification. With APRIL Eye, we can remove the operator from the date code verification process, achieving full automation to reduce the risk of product recalls and emergency product withdrawals (EPWs) caused by human error on packaging lines.

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Lauren Moir
Achieving a fast ROI with Autocoding

Whenever you are considering making an investment into your business, a key deciding factor is how long it will take to see a return on your investment. Wayne Johnson, head of the OAL Connected team, gave us an insight into how to speed up the ROI (Return on Investment) from Autocoding.

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Deborah Stokoe
Why printer control is key to best practice food packaging line automation?

Comprehensive control and automation of your printers is key to the elimination of packaging errors and related product recalls. Automated systems remove human error from the shop floor, allowing your technical function to control the printing of date codes. Here Faye Louch, OAL Connected's Trainer explains why it's important and how your automated system needs to function to prevent product recalls.

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Jake Norman