Mobile visibility of real-time production performance

On fast-moving production lines, the operations team needs accurate live information to make the right changes.

We understand that team leaders need information on the shop floor to push hard for improvements, not tied to an office desktop generating yesterday's data from paper logs.

That means only the information they need, when and where they need it; across smartphones, tablets, touch screens and desktops.

OAL Autocoding Label & Date Code Verfification

Reduce unplanned stoppages & changeover times

As soon as any error, misread or line stoppage occurs, our software times how long it takes for the production line to restart. This information is then visible in real-time across all devices. That means no more extended tea breaks!

The data collected then identifies the top five issues and these are displayed in real-time to help the team focus on reducing unplanned stoppages.

This makes it easier for food manufacturers to highlight good and bad performance and concentrate on a continuous improvement working culture.

Download our Continuous Improvement guide

Discover the five best practice steps food manufacturers take when starting a continuous improvement journey, and how you can easily implement them into your organisation.