Autocoding label and date code verification

The main objective of Autocoding software is to prevent product recalls by ensuring the correct packaging and labelling has been applied to food products.

Autocoding systems work by scanning every pack and comparing it to the pre-entered job information on the master database to make sure that the right packaging, label and date code is on the right product.

Our market-leading Autocoding system protects over 1,200 packaging lines globally and we're proud to work with the world's best brands.

OAL Autocoding Label & Date Code Verfification

Stop emergency product withdrawals

Food manufacturers invest in Autocoding to avoid costly product recalls and emergency product withdrawals caused by label and packaging errors.

The Autocoding system scans and reviews the information on every product prior to leaving the factory. Errors can then be identified and resolved within the factory before products reach the retailer.

Promo labels can also be controlled to ensure that they're used in the right place at the right time.

Additionally, the system provides a comprehensive and reliable audit trail.

Additional functionality

Our proven system offers additional modules to help you achieve full control and maximum efficiency on your packaging lines:

  • Paperless quality checks

  • Vision

  • OEE performance

  • ERP validation

  • OAL Device Gateway

  • Recipe management

  • Traceability

Meet our trainer

We have a team of ex-industry trainers who can help you understand our system and make the most of its functionality to protect your line. Hear from Faye, our lead trainer, who explains her background and how she works with our customers to give them the very best service so you achieve optimal results from your label and date code verification system.

Download our white paper

Learn the 5 common errors that lead to product recalls and how automation such as OAL's Autocoding software can overcome these errors to build positive supply chain relationships and secure your brand against label and date code errors.