APRIL™ Eye label and date code verification

APRIL™ Eye is the world’s first artificial intelligence-based vision system for label and date code verification. With APRIL™ Eye, you can remove operators from the date code verification process, achieving full automation to reduce the risk of product recalls and emergency product withdrawals (EPWs) caused by human error on packaging lines.

Reaching speeds of over 1000 packs a minute, APRIL™ Eye can make a significant improvement to your processes, improving safety, quality and efficiency and offering you significant cost savings.


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How APRIL™ Eye works?

APRIL™ Eye combines machine learning and artificial intelligence to transform the traditional date code verification process. Rather than relying on operators to check the date code is printed correctly, APRIL™ Eye takes the person away from these boring, repetitive tasks and therefore eliminates errors.

The system takes a photo of each date code and then reads each one back using scanners to ensure they match the programmed date code for that product run. In this way, the verification process is fully automated and enables you to achieve unmanned operations and full traceability. Running at speeds of over 1000 packs a minute, it means you can increase throughput without compromising product safety.

The production line comes to a complete stop if a date code doesn’t match, ensuring that no incorrect labels can be released into the supply chain, protecting your consumers, margins and brand.

APRIL Eye Date Code Verifier Example

How is this different from a normal vision system?

Traditional vision systems have relied on optical character recognition (OCR), designed to read specific characters. Due to the prevalence of inkjet printers in the food industry, which have a higher degree of variability, these vision systems have not been widely implemented as they have struggled with:

  • Varying fonts and sizes

  • Font distortion

  • Packing changes

OAL therefore developed APRIL™ Eye, which uses basic cameras backed up with an artificial brain to deliver a vision system that can deal with variations such as lighting, positioning, print quality and placement inherent in a food or beverage plant and read anything that is also legible to the naked eye. In this way, APRIL™ Eye eliminates errors, offers full traceability and protects consumers and your brand while at the same time reducing labour costs and waste. The system also improves over time, further safeguarding your operations.

What solutions are available?

A hand scanner solution and in-line scanning are already available, with a standalone audit solution coming later in 2019. Despite the complexity of artificial intelligence, you’ll be amazed by how simple APRIL™ Eye is to use, while achieving far-reaching results, including more robust and reliable supply chains to reduce food waste and improve food quality.

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