APRIL Eye Date Code Verifier

APRIL Eye Date Code Verifier

APRIL Eye Date Code Verifier Example

Traditionally, food manufacturers automatically set up the date code printers and then use a line operator to check the date code is printed correctly to avoid any label and date code errors.

APRIL Eye closes the loop by reading back the date code, fully automating the date code verification process and removing human error from the process.

The patented APRIL Eye solution was developed as part of OAL's Food Manufacturing Digitalisation Strategy, supported by the University of Lincoln and Innovate UK grant funding.


Vision date code images.png

How APRIL Eye works?

Typically, vision systems have struggled to close the loop because of:

  • Varying fonts and sizes.
  • Font distortion.
  • Packing changes.

Accordingly, vision systems have only been economically viable on "single" product format high speed packing lines.

APRIL Eye overcomes these challenges by using the very latest advances in Artificial Intelligence to enable the machine reading (close to the performance of the human eye) of date codes either offline on any device capable of taking a medium resolution image, for instance, hand scanner, phone, iPad etc. or from online high-speed image capture devices.