About OAL Connected

Food manufacturers need automation to meet the compliance and productivity demands of modern food manufacturing. Paper-based, disjointed automation still exposes you to risk and prevents true excellence.

Led by industry expert, Wayne Johnson, OAL Connected is dedicated to helping food manufacturers overcome this challenge. Having experienced product recalls firsthand during his many years working in food manufacturers, he and his team constantly push the boundaries of what is possible to help manufacturers deliver volumes while maintaining accurate label and date codes on every single pack.

The OAL Connected Suite is a comprehensive system protecting over 1,200 packaging lines that lets you move towards a fully automated packaging line. Our ex-industry experts can take you on your automation journey with best in class technology to drive efficiency and compliance across every product line.

Typically starting with our Autocoding (label and date code verification) solution, the system expands to paperless quality checks, traceability, factory performance including our Line Performance and OEE software and device integrations. We also offer the world’s first artificial intelligence-based vision system for label and date code verification, APRIL™ Eye, to offer the next level of protection to food manufacturers across the globe.

With every food product obliged to meet quality standards and be fully traceable, you can fully rely on OAL Connected to progress you to that next level of operational excellence.

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