Simple Connected Automation for Food Manufacturing

All in one software for food manufactureres offering:

Providing complete paperless mobile visibility and control from raw materials to finished goods. Automation, such as OAL's Autocoding (Label and Date Code Verification) software, can help food manufacturers protect their brand from product recalls and errors avoiding the significant monetary fines and damage to their brand's reputation. 

OAL Connected protects over 1,100 packaging lines.

Leading food manufacturers use OAL Autocoding to scan and verify the label, date code and packaging of over 7.8 billion products every year. 

We chose the OAL system because it’s a tried and tested solution that provides the compliance we need. It’s easy to use and has helped us focus by accurately recording line stoppages and identifying areas for improvement.
— Julie Rice, Technical Manager, Ichiban UK
What the system has given us is peace of mind and allowed us to regain customer confidence.
— Caroline Smales, Technical Manager, Greencore Leeds

New Videos 

What are the Top 5 Reasons for Packaging & Labelling Errors?

Watch Faye Louch our OAL Connected Trainer explain the top 5 reasons for label and packaging errors in food manufacturing. 

Learn how by using Automation such as Autocoding and OAL Connected can help you avoid product recalls and emergency product withdrawals caused by these errors.  For food manufacturers, these errors can incur large monetary fines and a massive loss to brand reputation within the industry. 

To find out more about label and packaging errors, click to read Wayne Johnson our OAL Connected Manager's blog post. 

Latest Packaging Line Automation Video

Allergen control with OAL Connected

We can all agree that controlling allergens is more difficult as packaging has become more similar. It's much more diffucult for operators to spot the difference between different products with different allergen risks.

But with OAL Autocoding, we can ensure product is packaged correctly by proactively verifying and scanning every product to ensure it's in the correct packaging.

Find out how Bakkavor are using OAL's system to control allergens in this case study.

Latest Autocoding Case Study

Dawnfresh Seafoods OAL

Dawnfresh Seafoods Automate for M&S Code of Practice Compliance

Dawnfresh has invested in automation to ensure compliance with retailers’ codes of practice. The OAL Connected system controls the packaging line preventing product recalls related to label and date code errors as well as delivering a 10% uplift in packaging line throughput.


Discover the full story of automation at Dawnfresh Seafoods here